David Fry is one of Britain’s leading ceramic artists, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, England,
He has practised for over 45 years, exhibited widely in the UK and abroad, featured in several specialist publications, and won many awards.

His unique, beautifully glazed stoneware pieces are inspired by his love of English Mediaeval pottery and
of the early Japanese, Chinese and Korean potters..

To achieve the multi-layered ‘colour within colour’ effect he reformulates the classical oriental glazing techniques: Flambe, Chun, Jun, Wood Ash, Copper Red, Lang-Yao, Shino, Iron Blues, Celadon, and high-fires the stoneware in a single burner natural gas kiln he designed and built himself. These processes produce exquisite and unique pieces that exhibit profound beauty and depth.

News : My studio has moved to a new location 4 miles away from the Westgate Road Arts Centre studio. There is a mailing list for people interested in my new studio and new work when ready. Please email me if you wish to be included on the list, for visits and studio exhibitions. 
Photos of new studio build..

For further information on glazing processes, please click here: Oriental Mystery and Glazes


Fish Platter

16″ dia. Platter


gold shino glaze

14″ sq. pressed platter, with a gold Shino and copper red glaze.


 For pottery and ceramic repair and restoration  – see  restoration page. 


moon jar - sky after rain

Moon Jar – Sky After Rain – iron blue with copper splash


To the Studio – Ceramic Clips

And The Korean Connection https://youtu.be/nZlAh1FWvZY

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wood ash and copper glaze

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