Pottery and Art Conservation, Restoration and Repair..

Please email first with your enquiry before visiting the studio.

Ceramics, Pottery, Art Works, Paintings, China, Figurines, Porcelain, Art pottery, Restoration and Conservation –  studio based in Newcastle upon Tyne. UK.

I offer a full service in repairing, restoring and conservation for broken, missing pieces, damaged or items showing wear and tear. Items can be  –  China, Porcelain, Sculpture, Tiles, Architectural features, Studio Pottery, Leach, Cardew, Lucie Rie, etc., Antiques, Parian Ware, Garden Urns, Objects of Art, Ornaments, Meissen, Roman, Medieval, etc. The items can be made from single or a combination of materials including Wood, Terracotta, Bone China, Metal, Stone, Plaster, Marble, Jade, Synthetics.  Also Paintings and Art Works, Lights and Lamps, etc.

My types of repair:

Museum Repair – This is where an item is carefully consolidated and repaired but no attempt is made to hide the repair, an example is the ancient  items you see in museums where missing areas that have been repaired and filled can be clearly seen, as they like to show in museum displays the old and the “new” repaired areas.

Tidy Repair – or honest repair, this is a very good quality repair , and the repaired areas are blended to the original as much as possible, but the finished repair is not invisible. I work normally  to the ‘tidy standard’ repair and conservation, that means the item will be consolidated for nice to display however the repair will  be  visible in most cases  i.e. the fine lines of the joins and replaced parts and the colour matching,  however depending on the object’s material and colour/texture a ‘close to invisible’ repair is occasionally  possible, I can advise you if it will be or not, email photos to me, or bring the item into my studio by arrangement for assessment .

Including- The Ancient Japanese Art of Kintsugi (Japanese Gold Repair)

Please note most restored items are suitable for display only, hot liquids, water, high temperatures, and direct sunlight could damage the restoration work, I will advise on aftercare of the restored item.

Please supply/email photos of damage if you can, so I can process your enquiry as quickly as possible.

Items can be posted to me, box and pack them well, or pieces can be brought directly into my studio in Newcastle upon Tyne. Also some projects can be carried out on-site.

For further enquires and estimates, please email and send a photo of the item.

  The cost is based on the time it takes, how many pieces the item is in, how large the item is, weather any pieces are missing and need to be remade/modelled, and if any old glue or repairs have to be removed and cleaned up first.

I can also undertake restoration/cleaning work on Paintings, Furniture and other Art works.


Pictures of a recent  project to restore a broken classical garden Urn in Knightsbridge, London.

Broken Classical Garden Urn

Restored Classical Urn


The 11th century Chinese Jun dish (see the story on this one)

Sung Dynasty Jun Dish


Restored Lucie Rie vase


Some more examples of restored pieces below :- click on the thumbnails.