The Twin Fish

The Twin Fish motif and other designs  can be found stamped into  some of my work.
The Twin Fish emblem is the Chinese symbol for ‘good luck’ and ‘marital bliss’ and can be found on many early Chinese Sung ware bowls impressed into the inside base.

The design I use is a combination of the Chinese design and a designs I found on English  Mediaeval pottery.
The photos show the original medieval stamps I found and recreated, and some of my new designs based on the originals.

I usually impress the fish design in the base of bowls and dishes – they make excellent wedding, engagement, anniversaries, valentine or  just a good luck gift for any occasion.

See more twin fish bowls on the past work page.

the twin fish Chinese good luck symbol

The Twin Fish

English Medieval Pot Stamps remade

Medieval Pot Stamps found on the Jugs

Pot Stamps

some of my new designs based on the Mediaeval designs