The Late Show 2011

The Late Show

The Late Shows is an inspiring, after dark programme of events and exhibitions centring on the cultural venues in NewcastleGateshead that are usually closed in the evening. The Late Shows began in 2007 and now, in its fifth year, has almost doubled in size since its beginning.

Museums, galleries and visitor attractions stay up late to encourage people to do something cultural with their evening – in celebration of the international event ‘Museums at Night’.  web site The Late Shows

The Black Swan courtyard  came alive with workshops and demos, set to live music. Discovering how to throw a pot on the potter’s wheel, make jugs, vases and bowls and learn a range of different firing techniques around the potters kiln.  Clay work, sculpting demonstrations, ; visitors can also learnt the various pottery making methods. Activities took place throughout the evening for everyone to just drop in.

It was the grand finale for the Northern Clay Exhibition

Photos of the Late Show event ..

northern clay

Studio with the Basement Sax

The Basement Sax in my studio.


through the studio window

potter's tea party

potter's tea party

the Northern Clay group