Ruskin’s Studio

Pictures of an Exhibition  2003

At Brantwood the home of John Ruskin on Coniston, I was honored to have been given an exhibition of my work in his studio.

John Ruskin was the greatest British art critic and social commentator of the Victorian Age. His ideas inspired the Arts and Crafts Movement and the founding of the National Trust, the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and the Labour Movement. He fiercely attacked the worst aspects of industrialization, and actively promoted art education and museums for the working classes. His prophetic statements on environmental issues speak to our generation as well as to his own.

 My exhibition set up in Ruskin’s Studio

John Ruskin studio exhibition

David Fry at the Ruskin Studio

copper red glazes with flame marks


The entrance to Ruskin’s studio

Ruskin's studio


the view of the house overlooking Coniston Water

Ruskin's house and studio

a collection of Ruskin pottery at the house.

Ruskin Pottery

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